Melania Trump slaps at President Trump's hand, refuses to hold it

Melania Trump slaps at President Trump's hand, refuses to hold it

The Trumps hold hands as they arrive to board Air Force One to travel to Rome. Melania is certainly not the first political celebrity to be out on a foreign junket at a rocky time in the life of a spouse, but the way Melania (appears to) swat away the USA president's hand and walk at a measured distance away and behind Donald Trump is a stark visual of tension breaking through.

Attack leaks 'deeply troubling', says Trump

Attack leaks 'deeply troubling', says Trump

The decision to stop sharing police information with USA agencies was an extraordinary step as Britain sees the United States as its closest ally on security and intelligence. Britain routinely shares intelligence with the USA bilaterally - and also as part of the "Five Eyes" network that includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Iran Accuses US of

Iran Accuses US of "Iranophobia", Arming "Dangerous Terrorists"

President Donald Trump . The United States has failed in all of its actions in the Middle East namely Afghanistan and Iraq , Rouhani said. In reference to Trump's 2015 comments that the USA only supported terrorist-backing Saudi Arabia because it was a "fat and milky" oil producer, farmers brought a dairy cow draped in the Saudi flag with a suited man in a Donald Trump mask to milk it into a bucket in the colors of the Stars and Stripes.

Mosul air attack killed at least 105, say U.S. commanders

The United States has previously acknowledged that it " probably " had a role in the civilian deaths, but it has always said this was unintentional. But, one is left to wonder whether residents of Mosul feel the same way . The US military has consistently said it did not know civilians were in the building.

United States grants Israel extra defence aid: Netanyahu

Trump initially sparked deep concern among Palestinians when he backed away from the long-established USA commitment to a two-state solution to the conflict. Instead, he focused on stamping out terrorism . In Bethlehem , Trump said he was "truly hopeful" for an end to the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and added that goodwill from his visit would turn into peace talks .