UK PM May says prepared to leave European Union without a Brexit deal

UK PM May says prepared to leave European Union without a Brexit deal

Ms May was heckled and laughed at by some members of the audience at Monday's TV appearance when discussing her education policy, and when Paxman asked whether the European Union would see her as a " blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire " after she softened her plans on old age care.

US Supreme Court grants temporary stay for Alabama killer Arthur

Supreme Court to block his execution set for Thursday night. An officer performed a test to determine whether intravenous drugs had rendered Arthur unconscious about 3 minutes before his death warrant expired, saying the inmate's name repeatedly and pinching his arm without a visible response.

Reformists sweep Tehran municipal vote as Hassan Rouhani wins Iran

Who can say the region will experience total stability without Iran?' Rouhani told a news conference, broadcast live on state television. Using more measured tones, Rouhani said Tehran was waiting before passing any judgment on the new government in Washington .

Europe can no longer rely on US, Britain: Angela Merkel

Europe can no longer rely on US, Britain: Angela Merkel

Although her message was partly aimed at her own electorate, it was a measure of how badly relations have deteriorated with Trump's United States that hitting Washington now wins votes while working with it could be perilous. "Precisely because they are so important, it's right to name differences honestly". "Trump accelerates it, but it was to be expected". German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a call for European unity in a speech at a joint campaigning event of the Christian ...

Manuel Noriega, former ruler of Panama, dies at 83

Noriega with then Vice President George Bush in Panama City in 1983. Noriega took refuge in the Vatican embassy, where he enjoyed protection under worldwide law. Noriega is survived by his wife, Felicidad, and daughters Lorena, Thays and Sandra. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings.

North Korea claims Scud-type short-range missile launch to be successful

The G-7 members and other nations are expected to band together to work with the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution on additional sanctions. The missile appears to be a short-range ballistic scud missile that Japan said could have easily hit an airplane or a ship in the area.