World Health Organization to be headed by an African for the first time

David Nabarro , a United Nations veteran, in the third and final round of voting. The third contestant Pakistani physician, Sania Nishtar got 38 votes. Although his election has not been without controversy, Dr Tedros, 52, is known for having drastically cut deaths from malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis and neonatal problems when he was Ethiopia's health minister.

Why can't the Afghan government protect Kabul?

Why can't the Afghan government protect Kabul?

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing but both the Taliban and the Islamic State group have staged large-scale attacks in the Afghan capital in the past. "What is surprising is the ability to get this far into a secured area". "There is a boom gate", he said. "It used to be that Kabul was this island of security.

Russia says systematically bombing militants fleeing Syria's Raqqa

This is not the first time IS militants have tried to retreat from their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa. As the fighting against Islamic State militants is underway near Palmyra, Syrian troops clashed with USA -backed rebels in the country's south on Wednesday, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Mozahem al-Salloum, of the activist-run Hammurabi Justice News network that tracks developments in eastern Syria.

British police stop sharing Manchester intel with US

The straps of a knapsack are visible on his shoulders. The threat level "will remain at critical and the public should remain vigilant", British Prime Minister Theresa May has said . Photos showed an army bomb-disposal unit at the property. "We thought he must have been a drug dealer or doing witchcraft", El-Hudarey told the BBC .

Mike Dubke, White House Communications Director, resigns after 3 months on job

Mike Dubke, White House Communications Director, resigns after 3 months on job

He declined to discuss the turmoil inside the West Wing, only saying he was resigning "for a number of reasons - for personal reasons". Trump, who returned to Washington on Saturday after a nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe, has been expected to shake up staff to tackle the distracting firestorm over investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and communication between Russia and Trump's campaign.

Malaysia Airlines flight returns to Melbourne after passenger tries to enter cockpit

Pilots made a return to the airport after a passenger reportedly attempted to gain access to the cockpit, claiming that he had an explosive device on his person. "Staff were saying "Sit back down, sit back down" and he said: "No, I'm not going to sit down, I'm going to blow the plane up ". "Passengers have safely disembarked the aircraft and will be screened by Australian authorities".