Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor and political scientist, dead at 89

Brzezinski, like Henry A. Kissinger, was a foreign-born intellectual with extensive influence in global affairs, even long after they left the White House . While he was skeptical of Soviet motives and objectives, Brzezinski nurtured a diplomatic friendship between the United States and China, which culminated in a trip to Beijing in June 1978 that led to re-establishment of diplomatic ties.

Pound slips after poll suggests hung Parliament

When gains and losses for other parties are factored in, the modeling suggests the Conservative Party's tally could be 16 seats below the 326 seats required to be able to govern alone, leading to a "hung parliament". The Survation poll found just over half of the 1,009 respondents thought May would make the best prime minister, whilst support for Labour's Jeremy Corbyn stood at just 30 percent, albeit higher than in previous surveys.

Trump Tells Muslim Leaders to 'Drive Out' Extremists

Trump Tells Muslim Leaders to 'Drive Out' Extremists

Jazz has already looked at President Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia speech but there really were parts of it which were really good. "I wonder if he really sees people like us, who need his help, as any different to the radicals", he said, citing the refugee ban and increasing reports of civilian casualties in USA bombing raids.

Nighttime, early morning bombings in Baghdad kill 27

A police captain tried to prevent a small white pickup truck from approaching the area, but the driver kept going forward and then the truck exploded, he said. ISIS has been retreating in Iraq since the end of 2015 in the face of US-backed government forces and Iranian-backed Shi'ite paramilitary groups.

John Kelly: Homeland Security Secretary Calls Russia Backchannel 'Normal And Acceptable'

John Kelly: Homeland Security Secretary Calls Russia Backchannel 'Normal And Acceptable'

Current and former USA officials said Mr. Kushner's activities, like those of many others around Mr. Trump, are under scrutiny as part of the investigation. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Kushner Companies gave a presentation to wealthy Chinese investors that informed them that they could get American visas if they invested in the Kushners' real estate projects - and they even name-checked both Jared Kushner and Trump during the presentation.

What the papers say about last night's General Election leaders' debate

Announcing his decision to attend during a rally in Reading, Mr Corbyn said he had been meeting people across the country during the campaign, while Mrs May "seems to have difficulties in meeting anyone or having a debate". "Jeremy Corbyn with his money tree, wish list manifesto and no plan for Brexit or Theresa May with her record of delivery", she argued. When campaigning began last month, polls showed the Conservatives up to 20 points ahead of Labour.