House, Senate point fingers at each other over special-session possibility

Texas' legislative session is winding down with a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people all but dead and negotiations to salvage it at a standstill. Greg Abbot. The bill by Austin Democratic Senator Kirk Watson was given final approval by the Senate on Sunday night 31-0. Conservatives also balked at a school finance overhaul despite the Texas Supreme Court previous year declaring the current state system flawed, albeit still constitutional.

China detains activist who probed Ivanka Trump shoe factory

It is unclear whether the undercover investigative methods used by the advocacy group are legal in China. A Chinese activist has been detained while investigating alleged workers' rights abuses at a supplier for Ivanka Trump's shoe brand.

Trump expected to leave climate deal, but with ‘caveats’

Trump expected to leave climate deal, but with ‘caveats’

The White House Rose Garden". Several figures in the administration have pushed for Trump to remain in the agreement, including top White House advisers Gary Cohn and first daughter Ivanka Trump. During Trump's overseas trip last week, European leaders pressed him to keep the the pact. Withdrawing would leave the United States aligned only with Russian Federation among the world's industrialized economies in rejecting action to combat climate change.

UK opposition's Corbyn criticises PM May for refusing live TV debate

Although the YouGov model has a wide margin of error, and was met with some skepticism in Westminster, it adds to polls showing the opposition Labour party gaining ground. The Conservatives enjoyed a 20-point lead at the start of the campaign but this has now fallen into single figures. Curtice, a professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, said there are still many unknowns - especially whether young voters, who have shifted to Labour in large numbers, will actually turn ...

Fighting climate change is 'global consensus'

Fighting climate change is 'global consensus'

The Paris agreement commits signatories to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming , which is blamed for melting ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels and more violent weather events. The Prime Minister declined to echo other European Union leaders who have urged the leader of the world's largest economy - and second greatest polluter - to think again.

Trump expected to pull USA from Paris climate pact

Mr Trump himself kept everyone in suspense, saying he was still listening to "a lot of people both ways". Trump claimed before taking office that climate change was a "hoax" created by the Chinese to hurt the US economy, an assertion that stands in defiance of broad scientific consensus.