London attacker was featured in TV documentary

London attacker was featured in TV documentary "Jihadis Next Door"

British police are stretched by the number of people they believe could potentially commit an act of terrorism. Witnesses said the attackers stabbed people in the street, as well as those in pubs and restaurants. It made the claim in a statement published by its Amaq news agency. Ten others who were arrested in the east London neighborhood of Barking where the two named suspects had lived remained in custody.

'We all feel the pain' - Londoners gather to mourn attack victims

'We all feel the pain' - Londoners gather to mourn attack victims

A British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the investigation confirmed the details of the Italian report, and said the man had not been considered a "person of interest", meaning they had no reason to think he was violent or planning an attack.

Eric Trump: We have no dealings, no projects with Russia

Since Trump's inauguration, Comey made waves by undercutting the president's unsubstantiated claim that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of his phones prior to the election in testimony with the House Intelligence Committee. In 1996, Comey served as deputy special counsel to the Senate special committee on the Whitewater investigation, chaired by Republicans at the time, which linked Hillary Clinton to the mishandling and destruction of documents.

Trump goes after London mayor, again

In the hours after the attack , US President Mr Trump tweeted to his 31.6 million followers using it as a reason to push his travel ban on visitors and refugees from six mainly Muslim countries; offer support to London; call for the end of "political correctness"; bring guns into the debate and finally to twist Mr Khan's words and to criticise him.

UK police reveal names of London attackers, say one investigated before

Joel Faulkner Rogers, an Associate Fellow at the London-based Royal United Services Institute and the academic director at pollsters YouGov, in a blog . The Islamic State militant group, which is losing territory in Syria and Iraq to an offensive backed by a US-led coalition, has claimed responsibility for the attack.