Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland become election key

The DUP is a unionist party - wanting Northern Ireland's continued membership of the United Kingdom - and its politics are socially conservative , opposing gay marriage and in favor of tight restrictions on abortion. He said the party supports Mrs May's call for a period of calm, adding "we certainly agree with that". And Ukip leader Paul Nuttall fell on his sword after just six months in the job, after slumping to a distant third place in Skegness & Boston on a woeful night for the ...

Trump legal team to file complaint over Comey memos, source says

Pelosi is citing Trump's habit of early morning tweeting , as well as Thursday's congressional testimony by former FBI Director James Comey . Ms Pelosi also said she has concerns about Mr Trump's "fitness for office", saying he needs more sleep.

What James Comey Didn't Say in His Blockbuster Hearing …

What James Comey Didn't Say in His Blockbuster Hearing …

Former FBI director James Comey walks through a corridor on the way to a secure room to continue his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on Capitol Hill in Washington , Thursday, June 8, 2017. The veteran lawman expressed confidence that could be a matter ripe for investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller , though he declined to offer an opinion on whether it met such a threshold.

Top revelations of the Comey hearing

After re-examining its February 14 article alleging contacts between members of the Trump campaign and senior Russian intelligence officials during the run-up to the election, The New York Times announced Thursday that it stands by its reporting, despite testimony to the contrary from former FBI Director James Comey .

May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party

May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party

However, speaking outside Number 10 Downing Street Friday, May said that , with the largest number of seats, the Conservative Party was the only one that could form a "legitimate" administration. While climate change scepticism is not official party "policy", the DUP has previously appointed a denier as environment minister in Northern Ireland, and it counts a number of creationists among its senior members.

UK PM seeks to form minority government, to meet Queen

The Conservative Party leader, is attempting to stay in office on the understanding that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will support her minority administration. The DUP - which defends Northern Ireland remaining part of the United Kingdom and takes a conservative approach to social issues - increased its number of seats to 10 in Thursday's election.