Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch playground vandalized with swastika

The Brooklyn bred emcee passed away from throat cancer on May 4, 2012. A memorial park in NY dedicated to the late Adam Yauch - MCA - has been vandalised with far right insignia. Park officials also said that the equipment will be repainted tonight (Nov. 19). There has been a well-documented spike in hate crimes and racially-charged attacks around the country since Donald Trump was elected president.

Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper Submits Resignation

A retired Air Force lieutenant general, Clapper was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Clinton administration. Clapper has long promised to leave his job at the end of President Obama's term in office, so his resignation was expected.

President-elect Trump adviser says Israeli settlements 'no obstacle to peace'

The quick response from the Israeli side to Trump's triumph strongly suggests that Israel plans to fully capitalize on his winning to serve its interests with settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories and the ongoing distortion of the demographic and geographic reality on the ground.

Train in northern India derails, killing at least 24 people

Train in northern India derails, killing at least 24 people

A view of a derailed train in Kanpur, in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, in this still image taken from video November 20, 2016. The numbers are: Indore- 07411072, Ujjain- 07342560906, Ratlam- 074121072, Orai- 051621072, Jhansi- 05101072, and Pokhraya- 05113270239.

Trump's promise to move embassy to Jerusalem rattles Palestinians

Bennett leads one of several Right-wing parties within Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition and he urged the Israeli prime minister to use Trump's win as a chance to recant on Israel's commitment to allowing a Palestinian state. Friedman, who acts as the co-chair of Trump's Israel Advisory Committee and could be in line to become the US ambassador to Israel, said the dip in relations between President Barack Obama and Netanyahu would be no more when Trump entered office in January.