U.S. slams Israel's planned new settler homes after attacks

On Friday a relative of Tarayra, 27-year-old Sarah Tarayra, was shot dead after drawing a knife on Israeli forces in Hebron. Tell them that we will never let fear, evil and terror triumph; that we will always stand for justice. Netanyahu has also ordered that Israel counteract money transfers from the Palestinian Authority commonly given to attackers' families by deducting the amount from Israel's monthly tax revenue transfers to the PA.

Theresa May Officially Becomes New British PM

Theresa May has become British Prime Minister , succeeding David Cameron after a brief audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May said in her first speech as head of the British government Wednesday that her mission will be to lead a "One Nation" government.

In Another British Exit, Cameron Departs Downing Street

She said: "We will rise to the challenge". Before heading to the audience with the queen, Cameron said outside the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street that it was the "greatest honor" of his life to serve as prime minister. Many of those people, fed up with remote politicians and bureaucrats, voted to leave the EU. May takes the keys to 10 Downing Street after six years directing the country's domestic security as home affairs secretary.

RNC Counsel Counters Never Trump Delegates

RNC Counsel Counters Never Trump Delegates

Here's how things will go down this week: The convention's rules committee meets Thursday and Friday. If Trump loses to Clinton, which wing of the party will benefit the most? At a welcoming meeting of the ruling Republican National Committee, the party's top lawyer said the theme song of next week's gathering, just off the shores of Lake Erie, could be found in an old hymn that blessed "the ties that bind".

Theresa May becomes Britain's 76th prime minister

Reacting to Mrs May taking office, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "I welcome Theresa May's acknowledgement that, after six years of Tory government in which she was a senior minister, the economy is not working for working people". On Tuesday night Netanyahu spoke with Cameron and thanked him for standing by Israel, and for the good relations and strengthening of ties between Israel and Britain during his term in office, a statement from the PMO said .

David Cameron officially resigns as the UK Prime Minister

David Cameron officially resigns as the UK Prime Minister

The new post of worldwide trade minister reflects the need to build stronger trade ties with non-EU countries such as China and India after the Brexit vote. The Witney MP intends to continue as a backbencher but admitted he would miss the "roar of the crowd" and "the barbs from the opposition" that come with the top job in politics.