Turkish president says Qatar isolation violates Islamic values

Qatar has been ejected from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthis in Yemen, and transport links between it and three other Gulf countries have been severed, with Qataris living in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE ordered to leave. The support was declared by Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani while talking to newsmen in Paris after meeting his French counterpart.

The two women who saved Theresa May could yet be her undoing

Ms May failed to win a majority in parliament at the election last week, prompting calls for her plan to leave the EU's single market to be watered down, and for some rival MPs to demand that the Brexit process be delayed. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn countered with a bit of previously unforeseen swagger, wearing a huge red rose - his party's symbol - in his lapel as he sparred with May.

Theresa May's stance might 'delay' EU-Brexit talks by a year

A contrite May took responsibility for losing her party's majority; 'I've got us into the mess and I will get us out of it .' She also promised to help those who had lost their seats and said sorry a couple of times. A diplomatic source said the meeting consisted of preparatory discussions ahead of the main talks and that further contacts would continue this week.

Schumer backs measure opposing weapons sale to Saudis

Schumer backs measure opposing weapons sale to Saudis

While expressing "deep concerns" over human rights, Sen. Trump's decision to move ahead with the sale appeared to reverse an Obama administration decision to hold sales of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia's armed forces after a Saudi airstrike on a funeral in Yemen past year killed more than 140 people.

Harry Kane: 'I want to be England captain full time'

Harry Kane: 'I want to be England captain full time'

Scotland headed into the game with few expectations after a disappointing 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign so far, whereas England had yet to even conceded a goal, and sat top of Group F. "I might look back, at the moment that would have been the best one because of the difference of players and the standard we play - it's the biggest gap I've seen".

North Korea says it's

North Korea says it's "not far away" from test-firing an ICBM

In recent months, tensions have been high over North Korea's nuclear weapon and missile development program and the Unites States' missile defence system being deployed in South Korea . North Korea has so far shown no sign of responding, however, instead conducting missile tests at an unprecedented pace in defiance of the global sanctions imposed on it.