McMaster vetoes $20M in lottery funds to buy buses

McMaster vetoes $20M in lottery funds to buy buses

The state's $8 billion spending plan has another $8 million for school buses in different sections. "And there's about five or six buses that are the '95 models that are known to catch fire", explains Dr. -Restoring a cut that would have diminished the oversight ability of the state Commission on Higher Education , which clears big-ticket spending projects.

Iran attacks expose security gaps, fuel regional tension

On Friday, his ministry said 41 suspected IS "agents" were arrested after the attacks in Tehran and in the northwestern provinces of Kermanshah, Kurdistan, and West Azerbaijan, near the borders with Iraq and Turkey. However, the family names of the terrorists were not revealed due to social and security considerations. " The terrorists were affiliated to the Wahabi and Takfiri groups who joined the Daesh terrorist group overseas and were red handed in the crimes of the terrorist group in ...

Trump Calls James Comey 'Very Cowardly'

Trump Calls James Comey 'Very Cowardly'

Pressure mounted at the start of the week following reports that Sessions offered his resignation to Trump because the President blamed Sessions for exacerbating his Russian Federation problems by recusing himself from the probe. Members of the Intelligence Committee said they wanted Mr. Sessions to recount what happened during and after the February 14 Oval Office meeting where, according to Mr.

Pressure grows on May to pursue cross-party approach to Brexit

The meeting was being held Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday. She told a meeting of backbenchers that she had got the party into "this mess" by calling the snap election and now "I'll get us out of it". Gove, who was dismissed when May became prime minister previous year, will now serve as environment secretary. While any moves for a softer Brexit would be welcomed by Indian businesses - for whom tariff-free access to the European Union as well as its talent pool is important - there ...

Iowa City Mayor signs initiatives supporting Paris Agreement

Dylan Mathews over at Vox counted 115 times in which Trump tweeted some sort of skeptical claim about climate change from 2011 until October 2015.He said his own foundation will help coordinate the U.S. Over the past few years, the irreversible effects of global warming are being faced by many countries. There will be several pre-meetings leading up to the event, which will give countries an opportunity to gauge what approach the U.S.

IS : Terrorist praises jihadist attacks in Philippines, Iran

Responding to the report , Lieutenant General Carlito Galvez , head of military command in Western Mindanao , told Reuters the militants controlled 20 percent of the town. Asked to comment about the involvement of U.S. special forces in the fight in Marawi , particularly "China's opinion on this USA intervention in the Philippines ", Mr.