Arlene Foster and Theresa May set for crucial talks in London

Devolved government at Stormont, site of the Northern Ireland assembly, broke down in January and has yet to restart. Its links with Northern Irish paramilitary groups are also controversial. My main concern certainly is the peace process". The Northern Ireland-based party is being courted by May to create an alliance to push through the Conservative Party's agenda after a disastrous snap election left May short of a majority in Parliament.

Comey tells an uncomfortable but needed whole truth

During a news conference Friday, Trump offered to testify under oath about his account of his encounters with then-FBI Director James Comey , who told the Senate intelligence committee Thursday that the president pressured him to back off an investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian Federation and other foreign powers.

North Korea Releases US Student, Tillerson Says

North Korea Releases US Student, Tillerson Says

The official spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because no formal statement had been released. One month later, he was sentenced to prison. The North still holds three other Americans . Then Pyongyang asked for another meeting, which happened last week in NY. The U.S. apparently only learned of Warmbier's condition about a week ago after Swedish diplomats visited him.

Donald Trump Slams 'Very Cowardly' Comey for 'Totally Illegal' Leak

Donald Trump Slams 'Very Cowardly' Comey for 'Totally Illegal' Leak

Mr Tump wanted him to back off on the FBI investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and to disclose that the president himself was not under investigation, Mr Comey said. Asked if he had taped their conversations, as he implied in a threatening tweet shortly after he fired Comey, Trump said he would reveal that answer soon.

DUP head arrives for talks with UK leader May

He continued to later say: "If there are difficulties with the Northern Ireland executive or with any one of a number of things that might well arise during the Brexit negotiations, it's very important that there's an honest broker - and the only honest broker can be the United Kingdom government ".

Once again, senators try to cut off Kamala Harris

He said he had recused himself from the investigation under Department of Justice rules because he had been a campaign adviser to Donald Trump , but not due to any potential "wrongdoing" in relation to Russian Federation. "It would be premature for me to deny the president a full and intelligent choice about executive privilege ", he said. "I basically backed him up in his concerns - and that was that he should not carry on any conversation with the president or anyone else about ...