London fire: Baby thrown from tenth floor, caught safely

Residents are continuing to be evacuated from the tower block, the Metropolitan Police said. The alarm was raised at around 1:00am (0000 GMT) and just one hour later the entire block was in flames. Tamara, one witness, told the BBC: "There's people, like, throwing their kids out: 'Just save my children, just save my children!'". One desperate woman threw a baby out of a high window and a man on the ground managed to catch the child, a witness said.

7 killed as Afghans rally against terrorism

The grenade attack comes at a time when the Afghanistan capital is hosting Peace Process Conference which is being attended by representatives from 27 countries. The Taliban has steadily expanded its reach since USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces formally concluded their combat mission at the end of 2014 and transitioned to a support and counterterrorism role.

London fire: Baby dropped from 10th floor caught on ground

Parents were seen throwing babies and children out of windows in the desperate hope firefighters and police officers would catch them. More than 70 people were in hospitals, over 20 in critical condition, officials said. It was as silent as it could be. Viewers then took to Twitter to voice their disgust at the scenes, accusing the show of "gross voyeurism". "Help!' Now all those windows, those people are literally gone", one witness recalled.

London fire could delay deal between UK PM May's Conservatives and DUP

London fire could delay deal between UK PM May's Conservatives and DUP

That would give May enough votes to pass her legislative agenda through parliament and govern, albeit with a wafer-thin majority. DUP leader Arlene Foster has told Sinn Fein leaders if they are concerned about her party's enhanced influence at Westminster they should move to restore devolution at Stormont.

London's Firefighters: The Heroes Of The Grenfell Tower Fire

Cundy says many others are receiving medical care. A cordon is in place, the London Fire Brigade said, and 30 adjacent flats have been evacuated. Questions have begun to arise about what caused the fire and why it spread so rapidly. Residents' association Grenfell Action Group said they had warned for several years of the "very poor fire safety standards" at the tower block. The redeeming feature of this calamity is, of course, that the London Fire Brigade, under the leadership of ...

What led to the SNP electoral quake?

Scottish advisers have welcomed a move away from the SNP in yesterday's general election , as the chances of a second independence referendum appeared to fade. The SNP suffered on Thursday what its leader described as a disaster. The Scottish Lib Dems will also be content with their increase to four MPs - although they would have wanted to take North East Fife, where they came with two - yes, two - votes of taking the seat from the SNP's Westminster Europe spokesperson Stephen Gethins.