Britain's Conservative Party Loses Majority; May Faces Calls to Resign

The results show the Conservatives with 318 parliamentary seats and Labour with 261, with other smaller parties gathering a combined total of 70. When the votes came in, Parliament was divided (or "hung") with no single party holding the majority of seats. Commentators in Britain have already begun to wonder about the possibility of a fresh election in six months.

Family seek 12-year-old girl missing after Grenfell Tower fire

The people in the estates nearby and the people who came from the other side of the capital were all motivated by a desire to help. The Metropolitan Police said two people were being treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and cordons were in place.

Congressman, Staffer, Police Officers Shot at Republican Baseball Practice

Congressman, Staffer, Police Officers Shot at Republican Baseball Practice

Scalise's office confirmed Wednesday he was shot at the hip and had been transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Capitol Police were providing security for the practice and engaged the shooter, identified by a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity as James Hodgkinson , 66, from Belleville, Ill.

Prime Minister Theresa May vows to stay after Conservatives lose majority

If she is to succeed in delivering the end of Britain's European Union membership which 52 percent of the British public demanded past year, she must find a way to recapture the full support of her party because she will need their votes to pass legislation preparing for and ultimately enacting the departure.