Greece offers Portugal help with forest fire

More than 350 soldiers have joined the 700 firefighters who have been struggling to put out the flames since Saturday. Such storms are frequent when falling water evaporates before reaching the ground because of high temperatures. Firefighting aircraft were being sent from France and Spain, the EU's humanitarian aid commissioner Christos Stylianides said. The European Union has activated its civil protection efforts to help Portugal fight forest fires that have killed at least 43 people.

As Russia probe expands, Trump appears to confirm he's under investigation

The probe by special counsel Robert Mueller , a former FBI chief, "marks a major turning point in the almost year-old FBI investigation, which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin", The Washington Post had reported.

Mike Pence, Trump's Steadfast No. 2, Lawyers Up

Vice President #Mike Pence has hired his private lawyer for legal assistance [VIDEO ] and investigations into Russia's role in the United States elections 2016 and the contacts of Trump's campaign headquarters with the Russian side .

France Election: Establishment's Macron Seizes Smaller Legislative Majority Than Expected

France Election: Establishment's Macron Seizes Smaller Legislative Majority Than Expected

With 75 percent of the votes counted Sunday night, Macron's party won 42 percent of the vote, followed by the conservative Republicans with 22 percent. That's well above the 289 seats needed for control, but lower than initially expected after a landslide in last week's first round of voting . President Macron wants to use his mandate to strip away some employment protections to encourage hiring and to toughen national security in the wake of recent terror attacks.

Rep. Thompson prays for Va. shooting victims

Rep. Thompson prays for Va. shooting victims

Rep. Steve Scalise is still in critical condition, but his health is improving, the Congressman's surgeon said two days after Scalise was shot at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game . "I think the president was extremely clear yesterday", she said, referring to Mr. Trump's call for unity Wednesday after the shooting at a practice for a congressional Republican baseball game.

Corbyn's surprise United Kingdom election success, explained

SBC: In a multi-party electorate system such as the United Kingdom, is the new political reality that it will be harder for any party to gain a majority government? Well many Corbyn supporters and wider left-leaning voters are surprised/delighted that the Labour leader managed to make significant gains on the Conservative party.