Queen's Speech: Pomp, ritual in delivering UK gov't program

Centrepiece of Mrs May's programme is the Repeal Bill which will transfer relevant European Union laws on to the United Kingdom statute book at the moment of Brexit in March 2019, with the aim of delivering "a smooth and orderly transition" and avoiding uncertainty for businesses and individuals.

Argument with bike rider is what led to Herndon teen's death

Martinez Torres caught up with them in a nearby auto park, got out of his vehicle armed with a baseball bat and began chasing the group, she added. Her body was found in a pond. Nabra Hassanen , 17, was attacked early Sunday as she and a group of teenagers walked back to a mosque. But Nabra's father has rejected the police theory and said his daughter was attacked because she was Muslim.

Georgia 6th: What they are saying about Handel's win

Trump went on to attack Democrats' message in a Wednesday morning tweet , saying they would "do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Security". The Republican campaign establishment, however, helped make up the difference. So, despite all the national foofaraw, the race came down to a typical Republican-Democrat race in the South, with the Democrat trying to convince voters that he is not as liberal as his party and the Republican ...

N.Korea to soon test ICBM: State media

N.Korea to soon test ICBM: State media

China called on all parties to ease the tensions in the Korea peninsula by avoiding provocative actions, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying. Its new missile was "a powerful measure of offence to hit a group of enemy warships attempting to stage military strikes" on the North, KCNA said. The EU said it would freeze the assets of 14 more people and ban their travel to Europe in line with a UN Security Council resolution last week for more sanctions over Pyongyang's ballistic ...

Tdp mla gollaplalli surya rao turns actor

Tdp mla gollaplalli surya rao turns actor

According to reports, Rao shared certain posts written by others against Naidu and the ruling Telugu Desam Party on his Facebook page. Mr. Rao invited the wrath of the TDP leaders and supporters after he shared some posts in social media that lampooned and were critical of the TDP, BJP and the government .

Ireland's Leo Varadkar takes office as new prime minister

Colleagues pinned their hopes of an unprecedented third term on the straight-talking Varadkar, who they believe can widen their appeal in elections that may be triggered as soon as next year. Mr Adams warned that Mr Varadkar had in the past mistakenly engaged in abuse and invective during Dail exchanges. It would seem that our new Taoiseach is slowly edging his way towards the will of the people on this issue.