Backed Syrian forces close in on Raqqa from south

The government push against IS began after a cease-fire deal brokered in May by Russian Federation and Iran that designated four "de-escalation zones" in northern, central and southern Syria. For as long as US and Russian forces have been in Syria, there's been a risk of accidental confrontation. The council says some 80 percent of its members are Arabs, with two Arabs and a Kurd as its deputy leaders.European countries share Turkish and USA concerns that the RCC acts independently from the ...

Trump's bright idea: a solar wall at the US-Mexico border

While Trump has long maintained that Mexico will pay for his wall, even though the country has flatly refused, technology could provide a way to turn the wall into a profit-maker rather than a financial burden. Trump said in a tweet . Gleason said he has no problem with Trump claiming credit for the idea. Let's take a look at his lies on the environment, starting with the magical solar-powered border wall.

North Korea does it again, conducts another rocket engine test

The officials told Reuters they believed the test could be part of Pyongyang's programme to develop an inter-continental ballistic missile. South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who was elected last month on a platform of a more moderate approach to Pyongyang including dialogue to ease tension, inspected the test-launch of a ballistic missile on Friday that is being developed by the South's military.

Democrats' disputes simmer after special election losses

Moulton, who voted against Ms. Pelosi in the last leadership election. "This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it's clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party we need new leadership". She slammed Republicans for secretively crafting the bill‚ which would slash tax credits for low and middle-income Americans who purchase their own healthcare.

Dinakaran Extends Support to BJP Candidate in Prez Polls

We have today decided on "Bihar ki beti" and "great" dalit leader Jagjivan Ram's daughter. Panneerselvam said following a request from BJP National President Amit Shah, the AIADMK PTA has made a decision to support Kovind for the President's post.

Secretary Ben Carson Breaks Rank On The Russia Investigation

Secretary Ben Carson Breaks Rank On The Russia Investigation

Then, in a subsequent interview on " Fox News Sunday", Sekulow sowed further confusion by saying Trump was under investigation - then denied he said anything of the sort. "Why don't you just pick up the phone and call Bob Mueller and ask whether or not your client has any role in their investigation?" "They want to lay the foundation to discredit whatever Bob Mueller comes up with", Schiff said on ABC.