Silicon Valley Engineers Refuse to Build a 'Muslim Registry' for Trump

As such, they have said they refuse to participate in events that they likened to the Holocaust, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and genocide. The news of Facebook's refusal also coincides with today's secretive meeting between Trump and the tech elite - with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in attendance alongside the likes of Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and other people with more money than God.

Merkel says Germany will stick to one-China policy

Four U.S. industry sources who follow China policy closely said they were unsettled by any suggestion of abandoning the "one China" policy, which they said had served the business community well for several decades. The one-China policy underscores recognition of China's sovereignty over Taiwan - a position that has been held by the USA since 1979. But, like other state-run editorials, this one ultimately gave Trump the benefit of the doubt.

Woman dies after falling into vat of melted chocolate

Woman dies after falling into vat of melted chocolate

It is unclear exactly how victim Svetlana Roslina , 24, a mother-of-two, fell into the Value-Added Tax of melted chocolate but it is understood that she was dragged into the mixer's machinery. Whatever is the real manner she fell, the reports agreed she met her end at the factory's mixer. "She was minced, only her legs were left". Witnesses said the woman leaned over the rail too much, either because of her phone, either to pour a sack of ingredients into the reservoir.

CT adds jobs, sees jobless rate dip in November

Even with the boom, though, the state's economy has added only 1,400 jobs this year, and has yet to replace all of the jobs lost in the 2008 recession. Government sector employment rose by 900 positions last month. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy echoed the view that the report is basically positive. "One of the ways we are going to accomplish this is by creating more structural stability within our state finances in order to create more predictability for businesses".

Kejriwal again rakes up issue of PMs degrees

Kejriwal again rakes up issue of PMs degrees

If the ruling stands, the "elected government in Delhi can not appoint the chief secretary or can not even a class IV officer by itself", Subramaniam said. The SC observation can be viewed as a moral setback to Jung, who represents the central government and has been seen as locking horns with the outspoken CM over how much autonomy the capital's government could be afforded by the Centre.

AIADMK party by-laws will be relaxed for Sasikala's foray: Ponnaiyan

Sasikala presently holds no posts in the party. She had been Amma's inner voice and keeps on being so. Jayalalithaa passed away on 5 December after suffering a massive cardiac arrest in Apollo Hospitals, Chennai . Other giveaways of the party's plans included the appearance of posters showing Sasikala alongside Jayalalithaa, but commanding more real estate. Her imminent elevation as the party general secretary will be part of the regional party's strategy to keep its flock together for ...