A Zombie Frappuccino Could Take Over Your Local Starbucks

It's all topped with pink "brains", AKA tinted whipped cream. (Because nothing screams zombie like "brains!") According to Day Of The Human , it'll be a cream Frappuccino, blended with a "Green Caramel Apple Powder and Pink Powder" to give it a zombie-like feel.

London sky turns orange after Hurricane Ophelia

London sky turns orange after Hurricane Ophelia

This allows more orange and red colors to pass through. Winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia are thought to have blown dust from the Sahara to cause the surreal skies. Smoke and dust particles act as a filter for sunlight by scattering shorter wavelengths, such as blue, and leaving longer wavelengths of the light spectrum behind.

MI5 chief: United Kingdom facing

MI5 chief: United Kingdom facing "more threat, coming at us more quickly"

The chief of MI5, the United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, has warned that terror attacks will show no sign of abating in the UK in the immediate future. The director called on technology companies to work with the government on preventing their social media platforms from being used by extremists for communications that can not be monitored.

Google Debuts Oz Drone Delivery For Chemist Warehouse

The company already made its first paid deliveries, and says they are still sending burrito drones today. Drone delivery is quite a cool idea and we're looking at getting a closer look at Project Wing and their testing here in the coming weeks.

Sancho leaves World Cup squad

Sancho leaves World Cup squad

In fact, the Cooper side went into the break under pressure with the Japanese attack stepping on the gas, though the Young Lions defence held on to thwart attempts from Soichiro Kozuki and Keito Nakamura. England showed character in the penalty shootout with a 100 per cent conversion, beginning with Rhian Brewster, who slotted it home with Japan goalkeeper Kosei Tani making a wrong dive.