Trump's intel bosses reiterate: Russian Federation meddled in election

Asked again late last month in a CBS News interview whether he believes Russian Federation tried to interfere in the election, Trump said "I don't know". Asked if the firing would cast a shadow over his talks, Lavrov replied: "Was he fired?" Former White House officials were left to wonder about the security implications of having allowed a Russian photographer unfettered access to the United States president's office.

Donald Trump to meet senior Russian diplomat at the White House

The Lavrov meeting came just hours after Trump fired his Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, the man responsible for investigating the allegations of collusion between his team and Russian Federation. The Russian foreign minister arrived in the United States on Tuesday night, his visit is scheduled to last until Thursday. The US secretary of state did not mention the matter.

Kim Jon-un claims he dodged a $100K US death plot

Kim Jon-un claims he dodged a $100K US death plot

Central Intelligence Agency. North Korea regularly lashes out at the USA and South Korea, though the allegations lodged Friday were more specific than usual. The Kim regime has been testing ballistic missiles in recent days, while the US began installing a defense system in South Korea that would ideally destroy missiles launched from the North before they hit their intended target.

South Korea's new leader discusses North Korea, defence system with China's Xi

A liberal former human-rights lawyer, Mr Moon was sworn in a day earlier and said in his first speech as president that he would immediately address security tensions that have raised fears of war on the Korean peninsula. Ties between Seoul and Beijing have soured over the South's deployment of a controversial U.S. anti-missile system aimed at guarding against threats from the nuclear-armed North.

UK Opposition Labour Partys manifesto leaked

They probably didn't plan it that way, but lots of promises in there to spend lots more money on lots of different things. "That's how we got into the mess that we inherited back in 2010, and that's what's not made clear in Labour's manifesto today".

Tehran didn't seek access to Jadhav: Iran's envoy to Pakistan

Tehran didn't seek access to Jadhav: Iran's envoy to Pakistan

The declaration was sent by Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi. On Tuesday, the court had asked Pakistan to put Mr Jadhav's death sentence on hold. Mehdi Honardoost added that Iran has not demanded or requested any consular access to Kulbhushan Jadhav from Pakistan. NewsX has learnt that there have been series of meetings in Islamabad to formulate a response and a strategy for the hearing at The Hague that will begin Monday morning.