US Media Complain About Russian 'Access' to Trump-Lavrov Meeting

US Media Complain About Russian 'Access' to Trump-Lavrov Meeting

Donald Trump's administration was left red-faced Thursday after the Moscow surprised it by releasing pictures of a closed-door meeting between the USA president and Russia's top diplomat. The associate with knowledge of the conversation says Friday that an account of the conversation in the New York Times is accurate. And finally, today, we were reminded that this White House still isn't very good at politics.

Former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown convicted of fraud scheme

WJAX reported that Brown kept an expressionless face as the judge read the verdict on each of the counts, while one person could be heard crying softly in the courtroom. Brown told jurors that her inner circle turned on her, lied to her and all benefited from the deceit. Former congresswoman Corrine Brown will have to wait longer than she originally expected to learn her fate.

United States to expand intelligence cooperation with Turkey

He and other officials have said the USA will closely monitor the weapons' distribution and insure that they are used only against IS. Erdogan said he would take up the issue during a planned meeting with U.S. "Otherwise, the outcome won't only affect Turkey, a negative outcome will also emerge for the United States". Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana White said Mattis reiterated US commitment to protecting Turkey, which is deeply opposed to the arms agreement and has called for its reversal.

Could bribes pay for the removal of Kim Jong Un?

Mr Moon assumed presidential duties early in the morning after the national election commission finished counting Tuesday's votes and declared him victor of the special election necessitated by the ousting of conservative Park Geun-hye. Mr. Moon is closer in outlook to his late friend and ideological ally Roh Moo-hyun, who as president from 2003 to 2008 pursued a "sunshine policy" of seeking to engage North Korea through dialogue, aid and joint projects.

Texas bill could keep transgender students out of high school sports

Texas bill could keep transgender students out of high school sports

Creating a searchable statewide database that allows property owners to see how each jurisdiction's proposed tax rates will directly affect their individual tax bill , along with detailed information about how they can make their voices heard in the local rate-setting process.

Chinese president and new South Korean leader talk nuclear

They agreed the bilateral relationship would continue to go from strength to strength. According to Seoul's presidential office , Moon told Trump, "the South Korea-U.S. sanctions by "openly threatening that they would be faced with "strong measures of sanction" by the U.S". The North has staged two atomic tests and dozens of missile launches since past year in its quest to deliver a nuclear warhead to "imperialist enemy", the US.