Comey was a 'showboat'

President Trump said he hopes to "make a fast decision" on the replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey, hinting an announcement could come within days. Spicer called the coverage of changing stories behind Comey's dismissal miss the point. "He's risky because he may be obstructing justice in terms of the investigation.

Nadal beats Djokovic, reaches final — Madrid Open

Still, the second-ranked Djokovic left Spain with reason to feel good about his game. "It was a positive week and a positive experience". I take, as I say, more positives than negatives into the next week in Rome. After a run of seven straight defeats to his rival, dating back to the 2014 French Open final, Nadal reversed the trend with a 6-2 6-4 victory. "I felt comfortable hitting the ball the last few days, physically ready, mentally sharp as well.

President Trump Says Michael Flynn Is 'a Very Good Person'

President Trump Says Michael Flynn Is 'a Very Good Person'

Asked whether they believed the intelligence community's January assessment that Russian Federation was responsible for hacking and leaking information to influence the elections was accurate, all six spy and law enforcement bosses appearing before the panel say "yes".

US Senate urged to hold hearing on Trump's firing of Comey

But now it appears Trump himself is getting in on the comparison. As the Comey news broke, sure enough, Senate leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan resolutely opposed any calls for an independent investigator. When the opposite occurred, Trump grew incensed - both at Democrats and his own communications staff for not quickly lining up more Republicans to defend him on television.

Thousands hacked and data held at ransom in world's largest cyber-attack

Europol said a special task force at its European Cybercrime Centre was "specially created to assist in such investigations and will play an important role in supporting the investigation". The country's banking system was also attacked, although no problems were detected, as was the railway system. Germany's Deutsche Bahn computers were also impacted, with the rail operator reporting that station display panels were affected.