China pledges $124bn to Silk Road initiative

Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey also spoke at the opening ceremony. Xi also pledged an additional assistance worth 60 billion yuan (USD 9.5 billion) for developing countries and global organisations participating in the initiative to improve people's well-being over the next three years.

Conservatives take control of Norfolk County Council

The Labour leader described the results as "mixed" and insisted they were "closing the gap" on the Conservatives. With full results declared by 19 of the 88 councils holding elections in England, Scotland and Wales, the Tories had control of nine authorities, including five gains.

Trump calls for tougher sanctions after North Korea missile

North Korea said Monday the missile it launched over the weekend was a new type of long-range ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. "The launch may indeed represent a new missile with a long range", said Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, referring to the estimated altitude of more than 2,000km.

Olympics: Paris prepares to charm the International Olympic Committee for 2024 evaluation tour

Olympics: Paris prepares to charm the International Olympic Committee for 2024 evaluation tour

Macron, who takes office on Sunday, spoke to International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) president Thomas Bach by telephone on Thursday to reiterate his support for the bid, Macron's campaign team En Marche! said in a statement on Friday. There were stops at UCLA , where student residences would be renovated and transformed into an Athletes Village, and the Memorial Coliseum which anchored both the 1932 and 1984 Summer Games and would be a centerpiece again should LA beat out Paris , the only ...

Melissa McCarthy Rides Through New York as Spicer

Melissa McCarthy as White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live . In the promotional video for Saturday's episode, McCarthy sings " I Feel Pretty " from West Side Story . For Spicer, it also doesn't help that stories had him and his staff cloaked in darkness behind a hedge on the White House lawn the night Comey was sacked.

Two days later he killed himself

Reynolds told WLWT her son spent a significant amount of time in the school nurse's office and there were some days Gabe simply wanted to stay home. He was diagnosed at a hospital with the stomach flu. "She also contacted Gabriel's mother and asked her to pick him up and take him to the hospital to be checked out", the district said in a statement. But school officials said in a statement a school nurse called Reynolds to pick Gabriel up from school and take him to the hospital.