Ransomware Attack Hits Businesses Across The World

Did this affect the spread of the attack, and was the decision a result of funding cuts? Cyber security experts predict that the scope of the attack could expand as people return to work and resume their work on computers, CNN reported on Monday.

US, Japan request emergency UNSC session on North Korea

US, Japan request emergency UNSC session on North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to the gathered crowds from a balcony in central Pyongyang before observing a parade to mark a national holiday on what would have been the founding father of North Korea, Kim Il Sung's 105th birthday.

Trump's meeting with Abbas begins

But sitting down to lunch several minutes later, Trump wondered if maybe it wouldn't be so tough after all. "This is an historic opportunity to pressure Israel .to find an equitable solution for the Palestinian people". But as president, Trump has yet to take steps to fulfill that promise and has declined to lay out a concrete roadmap to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Pyongyang claims missile can carry nuke, hit the US

Kim was quoted as warning the United States that its mainland and military operations in the Pacific are in "sighting range" and that North Korea "has all powerful means for a retaliatory strike". The Russian defense ministry said the missile landed several hundred kilometers away from the city of Vladivostok in Russia's Far East, but Putin said the missile "didn't present a threat" to his country.

Indian, Pakistani troops trade fire on LoC

Indian, Pakistani troops trade fire on LoC

Two Indian soldiers were killed and their bodies mutilated by Pakistan Army on May 1, when the latter laid an ambush after crossing into the Indian side of the border in Krishna Ghati sector of Jammu and Kashmir. He also approached youth of the area who come forward and immediately donated required units of blood while several others offered to donate blood in case of emergency.

Experts see instability in the legislature after B.C. election

The prospect of a minority Liberal government in British Columbia heightened economic uncertainty on Canada's west coast on Wednesday, pitting the future of key energy projects against the ability of the Liberals to work with the third-party Greens.