James Millar: The SNP are keen to see Ruth Davidson's Tory revival

But the big story is probably the success being enjoyed by the Tories. Labour can not now gain overall control of the council after losing early seats. Ms Davidson, meanwhile, will paint the Conservatives as the underdogs against the "all-powerful" SNP as she launches her party's general election campaign.

France's Macron says EU treaty change 'not taboo'

France's Macron says EU treaty change 'not taboo'

The leaders, who said they were ready to consider European Union treaty changes, plan to hold a joint cabinet meeting in July as part of effort to reinvigorate the German-French relationship at the core of the euro area. Merkel and Macron want to kick-start ties with an alliance some German media have dubbed "Merkron". She also made her most positive comments yet about eurozone reforms mooted by Mr Macron, saying it may be possible to change European Union treaties as would be required to ...

James Clapper says Russian Federation views Comey's firing as a win

As high as 61 per cent maintain that the firing hasn't changed their opinion of Trump. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said his caucus has not yet made a decision on whether to withhold their votes, but added that the issue is being looked at as a way to ensure there is a thorough investigation of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election.

Jeremy Corbyn casts doubt over Labour pledge to renew Trident

Labour's leadership "cannot add up and can not be trusted", she said. Instead, Mr Corbyn's strategy contains echoes of United States Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who ignited liberal passions in his unsuccessful race for the Democratic presidential nomination previous year.

Burr: No evidence so far of Trump campaign-Russia collusion

Trump fired Comey on Tuesday, at first saying he accepted recommendations from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, that he be ousted because of the role he played past year in the investigation into Trump's presidential election challenger, Democrat Hillary Clinton, and the way she handled national security material on her private email server.