WannaCry ransomware attack: How safe is your ATM?

In fact, Microsoft actually released an emergency patch for Windows XP last week to explicitly stop this ransomware from spreading after the issue became widespread; the company was under no legal obligation to do this but simply did it to help out those users who are running expired software.

'WannaCry' and 5 things to know about global ransomware cyber attack

But since Friday, much else has been learned. "WannaCry is just the tip of the iceberg and organisations need to re-assess the security programme and strengthen detection, prevention and response capabilities to counter such attacks", Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Partner Shree Parthasarathy said.

Emmanuel Macron names conservative Edouard Philippe as new French prime minister

Merkel suggested last week that Germany's labor-market overhaul under her predecessor, Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder, could hold lessons for France . The first was that Macron won with 66 percent of the vote, which was more than was expected. In January, during the presidential campaign, he wrote a column for the left-leaning Liberation newspaper in which he took a swipe at the portrayal of Macron in some media as a French version of former U.S.

Presidential Polls: Mamata Banerjee to meet Sonia Gandhi

Presidential Polls: Mamata Banerjee to meet Sonia Gandhi

While the main objective of Trinamool chief's meeting with Congress president is the upcoming presidential elections, the two leaders are also likely to discuss the formation of an anti-BJP coalition to counter Narendra Modi-led NDA in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Park board approves bylaw banning whales, dolphins at Vancouver Aquarium

Commissioner John Coupar noted that the decision would only affect cetaceans in Stanley Park, where it has jurisdiction, and not the aquarium's marine mammal rescue centre at the Main Street docks. Park board vice-chair Erin Shum said she could not support this amendment which she said put "politics... before science". But park board commissioner Stuart Mackinnon said at Monday's meeting that the ban doesn't prohibit the aquarium from rescuing animals, it just means they can't bring ...