Cambodian prince offers 100 million euros to buy Saint-Etienne

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Cambodian prince offers 100 million euros to buy Saint-Etienne Big news of French and Cambodian football. When Prince Norodom Ravijak of Cambodia made an offer of 100 million euros (approximately 3,920 million baht) to buy the Saint-Etienne team. The sleeping giant of the league’s top perfume,

Le Parisian, the French media reported that the club Saint – Etienne. In a bad financial situation and looking for new sponsors. Which is Prince Norodom Ravichak, 47. Who has express his intention since last Friday to Saint-Etienne receive to consider such proposals.

The report stated that Saint-Etienne. This takeover plan has been received. but have not respond. Because the board of directors must be call to discuss during this week first. To find an agreement on how to decide on the future of the club

For Cambodian prince Norodom Rawijak is the grandson of King Sihanouk. Which has a good relationship with the French government as well as Grandfather Prince Norodom resided mainly in Paris and Phnom Penh. Fanatical fans and the sport of football ace, who now plans to look for a team to help promote a strategic partnership with the Cambodian side football. to help drive and develop the country’s football further