Gasperini ‘s header was disqualified

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Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini was furious after the equalizer was stripped of the goal that led to a messy defeat.

The Bergamo side were demolished 1-4 at home to Roma in Serie A on Saturday, with Atalanta having 37 points after 18 ufabet games, third in the table but with Chances of being overtaken by Napoli

“Obviously we made a mistake and conceded a goal at the start of the game after the bounce. It’s like a game against Milan and Villarreal that makes it difficult.”

In addition, Gasperini also said angrily about the moment that the second goal was not scored by Duvan Zapata because it was seen that Jose Luis Palonimo was in the offside area and was involved in the rhythm. such

“However, with all of those cases The team recovered and played one offensively. That cadence changed the game and I needed an explanation.

“I lost 1-4 and came here to talk to you (journalist) so why not bring the referee here and explain? Why not VAR? They are destroying the credibility of football.

“If they told me it was a mistake. we are unlucky But don’t tell me that’s the rule. Otherwise it must always be a rule. What are we talking about here?”