“Hulk” reveals good news, her new girlfriend is pregnant

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Happy new love! “Hulk” reveals good news, her new girlfriend is pregnant with her ex-wife’s granddaughter. Hulk striker giant Brazilian subsidiary Atletico GO is Nero’s war in Brasilia Zero Series A. Brazil announced the good news that Camilla ‘s new girlfriend that Yusuf was the niece of the former wife of itself. Already pregnant

By the 35-year-old shooting star posted a picture on Instagram with the feeling that “With a heart full of God Let me tell you that I have been blessed by God to have a fourth child. My heart swelled with happiness.I thank god We are looking forward to meeting you. unconditional love I wish you good health, son.”

At the same time, the news also revealed a new love with Camila, who used to be a granddaughter. “My baby, my life, she holds my hand and honors me as a girlfriend. and now became her husband. I could tell it was true love. It made me stronger than ever. It makes me happier than ever. She made me want to be a better person. not just for yourself But for everyone around us.”

For the couple’s love story is so complex that it has become big news in their hometown. At the end of 2019, after the 35-year-old decided to divorce his ex-wife Iran Angelo de Souza for more than 12 years, before later decided to register their marriage with Ka. Mila, the beautiful granddaughter of an ex-boyfriend who has only been together for 6 months.