“Icardi” interested in joining Newcastle

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After it is report that Mauro Icardi. The center of the Argentine national team. Became a top target of Newcastle United, the team in the English Premier League after the club’s takeover of PIF, a group of funds from Saudi Arabia. Last week,

but the 28-year-old striker has confirmed that he will not leave Paris Saint-Germain. The agency in the French Ligue, certainly by Gabriele Giuffrida, the agent of the player has revealed to Serie A media outlet Mercato of Italy.

“Leaving Paris was not in Mauro and Wanda’s plans, it is the last thing they both want. I don’t see that Mauro will move the team anytime soon,” the football’s agent confirmed.

The reason is because Wanda Nara, the wife of the Argentine national team shooting star. Do not want to move to live in England. Because I like living in Paris And the shin is obeying his wife very much in the past, the 34-year-old Argentine girl, considered to have influenced the decision of the 28-year-old striker very much in the latter part called everything. got in fist Even about moving teams and extending a contract with the club

by Wanda Nara reveals that the secret to her husband’s passion is to pay attention to everything. day, whether it is preparing food in the morning Then make dessert in the afternoon. and ends in bed There were also rumors among the players that Icardi had sex with his wife up to 12 times a day.

Currently, the couple has five children, three with ex-husband Maxi Lopez and two with current husband Mauro Icardi. Her waist is still considered to be sold with more than 8.1 million followers on Instagram.