“Jill” Thai female bodybuilding won 2 awards at NPC 2021

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“Jill” Jillmere Schmitz, a female bodybuilder from the Thai national team, made her name again after winning 2 big awards at the NPC CENTRAL CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021 bodybuilding contest on Saturday, September 18.

By a 26-year-old female bodybuilder, fit and perfect until she was able to win the judges’ hearts. With a win in the category WOMEN’S BIKINI True Novice overall and the runner-up in the WOMEN’S BIKINI Open Class category has been successfully won

for Gillmere Schmitz, half Thai – Germany. that apart from good looks She is also talented in a variety of sports. Before she turned to the sport of bodybuilding. She is a national rowboat athlete. Which is quite unusual, winning 1 silver medal, 2 bronze medals from the 2016 Thailand Rowing Championship

Then, with her being a fitness enthusiast was persuaded to enter the bodybuilding industry Before making an excellent performance in the beauty pageant, beautiful muscular woman, where she managed to win gold medals for 2 consecutive years (2016 and 2017) and swept many trophies, it was

considered that she was on the right track with things. that she loves and can do it quite well for the present She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Sports Science Kasem Bundit University As for beauty, she has also participated in the Miss Grand Mukdahan 2018 pageant as well.

Name: Jill Schmitz Chapman’s
nickname: Jill
Birthday: July 5, 2538
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Portfolio over the past

champion’s a pretty young girl. Beautiful muscles 2 years in a row (2016 and 2017)
1st runner-up from the Thailand Bodybuilding Championships 2017
, National
Games Gold Medal 2018, University Games Gold Medal 2020
, Thailand Muscle and Physique Championships 2020