Jorginho admits he will miss Rudiger

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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho believes everyone at the club will miss Antonio Rudiger, who is out of contract and set to leave at the end of the season.

Rudiger has decided not to renew his contract with Chelsea, only replacing his current one until the end of the season. Making it possible to move teams freely

Many media, led by Fabrizio Romano, reported the same. The Germany international has agreed to join Real Madrid on a four-year contract with a higher salary. Than his current Chelsea counterpart. 

Jorginho said of his teammates who are starting over: “He’s been here for a long time. So if he moves away we will miss him He has a great personality and helps us a lot. We had a wonderful time here.”

“His quirk that I will miss. He always makes me laugh. he is my good friend if he moves out Everyone at the club, not just me, will miss him.” 

Speaking to Sky Sports: “It’s been a long time so if he leaves we’re going to miss him. He’s a big personality, he helped us a lot, amazing times here, he’s a good friend of mine and if he leaves, not just me, everyone at the club will miss him.”

He added: “His craziness (I will miss). He makes me laugh a lot. All his jokes and laughs that we had together, that’s the nice part.”