Messi ignores Pochettino’s handshake

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Messi ignores Poch’s handshake after being substituted. Became an issue for the media to play With criticism from fans around the world immediately for Lionel Messi and Mauricio Pochettino, the star player and the Paris Saint-Germain coach of the French Ligue 1

On the latest in the League of Perfume. The match at PSG opened the home battle with a big match against Olympique Lyon last night. Argentinian coach Decided to replace the compatriot superstar out of the field in the 76th minute by sending Ashraf Hakimi to play instead, which at that time the score was at 1-1

after that, Pochettino tried to reach out to catch. With Messi, but like the 34-year-old footballer is not satisfy with this substitution. not refusing to shake hands Ready to say something and show your body language clearly. before going to sit at the reserved bench amid the trance of his teammates

For this game, it ended with a 2-1 victory for PSG. Which was head by another substitute, Mauro Icardi, head into the 90+3 minute, giving the team a total of 18 wins in six games with 18 points to stay at the top of the crowd. Tight, while Messi still has to wait for his own goals and first assists in Ligue 1.