“Messi” user manual during his Barcelona days

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It is an issue that fans are immediately catching up with the picture of Argentinian national team forward Lionel Messi being taken. By Paris Saint-Germain trainer Mauricio Pochettino. Changed out of the field in the last league ufabet game where the team slashed the Olympique Lyon 2-1 on Sunday, September 19, past the

game, PSG still draws with Olympique Lyon 1-1, but in the minutes. 76 Argentine coaches decide to change compatriot superstar Leaving the field and sending Ashraf Hakimi to play instead, causing

Dissatisfaction with 34-year-old blue and white footballer who was remove to the extent that he walked out of the field refused to shake the team’s coach. And said something While teammates in the bench were surprise that this happened,

however, Marca, the Spanish media. Has brought this issue and raised the words of Pep Guardiola, a former coach. Barcelona, who advised Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella in 2012 about Messi’s use, said:

“You have to talk less to Leo, defend him in Field with players to make his job easier. Listen to what he has to say And must not forget that he should not be taken off the pitch,” said Pep,

who after the game Mauricio Pochettino will reveal the reason for the substitution. That he wants the famous player to rest. only Including clarifying. That it has been clear with Lionel Messi, which the News reveal. That he is not angry at being replace in any way.