“Nobile”, the staff who got kicked by Ronaldo in the head

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The Sun has released an interview with Swiss women’s stadium official Marisa Nobile who was knocked over by Cristiano Ronaldo in the UEFA Champions League in midweek. last

In that match, despite Manchester United‘s 2-1 defeat against Young Boys, there was an impressive incident between the Portuguese star and the local female official.

Recently, Nobile gave an interview to The Sun, saying, “The ball hit very hard. fully into my head I fell and stood up.”

“Then I saw Ronaldo next to him and he said ‘no, I’m sorry, how are you? Are you okay?’ To be honest, I was in a lot of pain at the time. I thought I was already dead.”

“He grabbed my arm and touched my face with concern. I still remember it well, “

The staff has also invoked the Swiss after bad. Her that had on Ronaldo when the footballer was still playing with Real Madrid, the top team from Spain.

“When he was at Real Madrid, he used to play here. I’ll confess that I used to hate him so much.”

“I had to go home late. Because he was waiting for him to run cooldown after the game. He refused to leave the field for a moment. I even yelled at him if I could stop running?”

“But from now on Let me tell you that I will be his number 1 fan for sure.” Nobile chanted.