“Pooklook”, a sweet-faced runner angel, is applying for Miss Tourism 2021

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Considered quite hilarious when “Pooklook” Sasithorn Sunthornsarathun, a running angel favorite of many Decided to enter the Miss Tourism World Thailand 2021 contest, tourism ambassador and sports ambassador for the year 2021,

in the past, a talented Korat woman who is both a model, pretty and MC became more known from running. At the beginning, the decision to choose to exercise by running just wanted to turn more attention to their own health.

But now she has become an inspiration for girls. Many people who want to have a good figure like her is complete. which she said “I just want everyone to get up and run for once. I really found the value and meaning of life from running. A marathon isn’t even life changing. But it changed us to be a better person than yesterday. If I can run Everyone can run.”

By the development of this beautiful girl, I must say that it is not unusual by running light distances. Then step into the half marathon and push her limits by Conquered the first full marathon (distance 42.195 km.) successfully.

As for the decision to enter the contest No. T004, this time she wanted to publicize her hometown. and other provinces got to know new places including places that are the highlight of Korat which is suitable for Pooklook’s lifestyle She likes to travel and travel.

Currently, “Pooklook” Sasithorn has a lot of fans. and always do social media in heat whether it is a running picture and pictures in sexy swimsuits Of course, the result of her decision to run until now. Everyone could see from her figure how beautiful it was. I don’t believe it. Let’s see how good it runs.