“Rory”, 8-year-old, lift a deadlift up to 90 kg

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“Rory”, 8-year-old, lift a deadlift up to 90 kg. An 8-year-old girl, weighing 30 kg, lifts up to 90 kg in a deadlift before performing a one-handed somersault.

After she was able to lift 90 kg in the deadlift even though she only weighs 30 kg.

Deadlifting is lifting weights that are stationary on the ground. Using the arms to pull the weight up But not lift above the head like the snatches or clean and jerks used in weightlifting sports. Including arms will look straight.

Rory has shown the clip on Instagram. show that She is able to lift 90 kg in a deadlift through a comfortable pose, which is three times more than her own weight. Before both of her arms were straightened. before releasing the weights. Then, she celebrates lifting weights through with a somersault with only one arm Until it became very popular. Rory

Van Ooft is a youth athlete. In the Under 13 category, despite being only 8 years old, she is the US Weightlifting Champion. The youngest in history In the weight of no more than 30 kg, when she won the US championship for the first time. She was only 7 years old.

The record she achieved in winning her first championship in 2020 was a 30 kg snatch, 42 kg clean and jig, a total of 72 kg. that she was able to defend the championship Snatch lifting 35 kg, clean and jerk 47 kg, total 82 kg