The 2021 V-League season was void

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Became a big issue in the Vietnamese football industry When the organizing committee of the Vietnam V-League football has announced the termination of all remaining competitions. Due to the situation of COVID-19 spreading in the country On Thursday, September 23,

however, the meeting decided that the 2021 V-League season was deem void. Hong An Hya Lai. And to be consider that there is no team. That won the championship and no team relegate. Including no teams from lower divisions have the right to be promote as well. Even though they have competed in 12 matches,

the organizers consider Hong An Hya Lai. The lead at the top of the league with 29 points remains unbeaten from second-placed Viettel with 26, just three points and one game left in the program during the first stage. And stage 2 another 5 games

Most recently, “Zico” Kiatisak Senamuang, a Thai coach who made the Hong Anhyaya club The leader of the crowd has come out to post a message in Vietnamese. Through Instagram, “It’s okay. I’m still here for a long time”, showing his determination to lead the team to success in the future after having one year left on the team’s contract,

while in terms of club quotas The Asian Cup, including the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup in the 2022 season, the organizers have not yet finalized which clubs will be eligible to participate in the competition. But if based on the latest score ranking Hong An Hya Lai Will be eligible because it has passed the assessment in the matter of club licensing