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"Icardi" interested in joining Newcastle

“Icardi” interested in joining Newcastle

After it is report that Mauro Icardi. The center of the Argentine national team. Became a top target of Newcastle United, the team in the English Premier League after the club’s takeover of PIF, a group of funds from Saudi Arabia. Last week, but the 28-year-old striker has confirmed that he will

"Messi" user manual during his Barcelona days

“Messi” user manual during his Barcelona days

It is an issue that fans are immediately catching up with the picture of Argentinian national team forward Lionel Messi being taken. By Paris Saint-Germain trainer Mauricio Pochettino. Changed out of the field in the last league ufabet game where the team slashed the Olympique Lyon 2-1 on Sunday, September 19,

Messi ignores Pochettino's handshake

Messi ignores Pochettino’s handshake

Messi ignores Poch’s handshake after being substituted. Became an issue for the media to play With criticism from fans around the world immediately for Lionel Messi and Mauricio Pochettino, the star player and the Paris Saint-Germain coach of the French Ligue 1 On the latest in the League